Omnibus Ensemble


During IcM2 Conference and Concerts Omnibus String Quartet, formed with members of Omnibus Ensemble, will premiere new works selected from the call for scores. These works  are conceived within an intercultural framework and feature various composers from all around the world. In addition to these world premieres they will also play 30 minutes of  Collective Composition a method for improvised music. They will be on stage with musicians of Ondokuz Mayıs University exploring the possibilities of open forms in Contemporary Music. This will be the first time Omnibus is playing in Turkey. We welcome you all to Samsun to  be part of this enriching experience!

Introduction to the Method of Collective Composing
by Artyom Kim

The Method is based on the idea of collectively creating a piece of art – music, dance, drama, cinematography or other, in a process where the creators are also the performers. The Method considers several phases (stages) of the process through which a piece is created.

The first stage of the Method includes engagement in practical techniques, which teach the performers to generate, feel, and control fine creative energies not only as individuals, but more importantly as a collective. Exercises for physical and emotional  relaxation, mental focus and activating a sense of intuition are the main part of this stage.

The second stage of the Method teaches the participants to generate the “collective information field”, get connected to it and use it as a source of creative IDEAS. Games and improvisations for activating spontaneity are the main part of this stage.

The second stage gradually develops into the third stage, which is dedicated to the selection and fixating (with the use of different ways of notation) the creative ideas. It is continued by integrating ideas and structuring them into a bigger form. The main concern through the process of structuring this form is connecting these ideas to universal mathematical laws and principles of organization that exist in the natural world.

The method is a dynamic and never-ending process, therefore any form of the piece, which is to appear and then be presented to the audience is only an intermediate (or transitional) result and is open to change and adaptation in the future.

Stage four, the performance of the piece, gradually builds upon the previous stage. The purpose of the performance is to widen the “collective informational field” and to involve the audience into this, thus, making the process of sharing fine creative energies more intense with a bigger number of people.

In a certain way, the Method reconsiders the traditional role of author, performer, and the audience for the piece of art.

Artyom Kim, composer and conductor

born in 1976 near Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Studied composition at Tashkent State Conservatory with Mirsadyk Tadjiev and Dmitry Yanov-Yanovsky.

From 1996 he works as composer and musical director at Ilhkom Theatre with outstanding theater director Mark Weil, with whom he created about 20 theater performances, including such world renowned ones as “Imitations of the Koran”, “Ecstasy with Pomegranate”, “Flights of Mashrab” and “Orestea”.

As programmer and conductor he produced series of performances in Uzbekistan, including first performances in Central Asia of Les Noces by Stravinsky, Kammerkonzert by Berg, Kammerkonzert by Ligeti, Requiem by Schnittke, and many others.

In 2004 he founded Omnibus Ensemble – the first and the only group in Central Asia, which is focused on promotion of contemporary music. Today Omnibus is a world recognized group in the fields of concert-performances, researches, educational and multi-media projects.

Artyom Kim is the creator of the Method of Collective Composing – the unique system, based on the idea of collectively creating a piece of art – music, dance, drama, cinematography or other, in a process where the creators are also the performers. the Method reconsiders the traditional role of author, performer, and the audience for the piece of art.

As composer and conductor he works with number of european and american ensembles and soloists, among them are Nieuw Ensemble, Atlas Ensemble, Slagwerkgroep den Haag, Nederlandse VokaalLAB, Bang on a Can, Wu Wei, Arnold Marinissen, Wiek Hijmans, Robert Black, and others. His music was performed in the programs of such festivals as Holland Festival, Huddersfield Festival, Gaudeamus Music Week, MaerzMusik, Asia Pacific, TIMF and others.

Jakhongir Shukur, composer and conductor

born in 1981 in Bukhara, Uzbekistan. Graduated the State Conservatory of Uzbekistan, department of composition and the department of conductor. Shukur is one of founders of the Omnibus Ensemble in Tashkent in 2004. He is also one of founders International projects of Omnibus Ensemble. Among them “Omnibus Laboratorium” workshop for young composers and performers, “Maqomat” research centre of traditional music and so on. He is musical director of yearly International Theatre project “Ustoz va Shogird” in Uzbekistan.

As conductor J. Shukur presented  with the Omnibus Ensemble many works first time in Uzbekistan. Among them: “Kammer konzert” by G.Ligeti,  “Concordanza” and “Detto II” by S. Gubaydullina,  “Kammermusik 1” of P. Hindemith and lots of works by Uzbek composers.

Works by J. Shukur were performed by European ensembles in the festivals of contemporary music in Germany, Italy, Belgium, South Korea, the Netherlands, Swiss, New Zealand, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, USA and Uzbekistan.

Lemara Ablyatifova, violin


Graduated  State conservatory of Uzbekistan with professor Magay V.V. Lemara currently works in the National Symphony Orchestra and  teacher at the State Conservatory of Uzbekistan. As musician she performed first premier works by European composers in Uzbekistan.

Lemara also musician of the vanguard “Ilkhom” Theatre in Uzbekistan. She is a regular participant of international festivals in Uzbekistan and abroad.



Alirna Korieva,violin


Has played violin since she was five years old. During her studies Alirna has been mentored by V.H.Shershevskiy,  professor B.T.Kurbanov and V.G. Ioudenich, a highly respected and outstanding violonist and teacher.

She took part in multiple republican and international music competitions and won a number of awards in Almaty, Kazakhstan and in Paris, France.

Following her graduation from Musical Lyceum named after R.Glier and State Conservatory of Uzbekistan she participated in a number of concerts as a member of the “Soloists of Uzbekistan” chamber orchestra and the Young Symphonic Orchestra of Uzbekistan.

Since 2014  Alirna cooperates actively with a famous Central Asian ensemble “Omnibus” contributing to the joint projects and performances. In 2016 she was a participant of an international project “Playing together”.In addition, she has partaken in a festival “Bang on a  can” in 2017 in USA, Massachusetts.

Alirna is currently soloist at a chamber orchestra called “Turkiston”.

Olga Kalyuzhina, viola


Violist Olga Kalyuzhina was graduated from Tashkent Conservatory in 1991 and mentored by V.Astakhov.

Since 2004 Olga cooperates actively with a famous Central Asian Ensemble “Omnibus” contributing to the joint projects, master classes and performances:“Omnibus Laboratorium”, “Black Box”, “Mnemozina”, “Maqomat”, Theatre + Music, several Multimedia projects “Crossroads”. She has performed in International Festivals of Contemporary Music in Almaty(Kazakhstan), Bishkek(Kyrgyzstan), Taeyong (South Korea), Berlin (Germany).

Olga is currently musician at a Symphonic Orchestra of Opera and Ballet Theater named after Alisher Navoi. She has performed several concerts in India, Malaysia and Thailand.

Jamshid Ubaydullaev,cello


A cellist from Uzbekistan, has played cello since he was six years old with professor A.Y.Akbarov

He is a winner of several cello competitions in Uzbekistan. He gave a concerts in various countries as a Principal Cellist.

Since 2014 Jamshid cooperates actively with Omnibus Ensemble and has playing in a lot international festivals. Among them “Omnibus Laboratorium”, “Plating Together” educational project, “Turbulenzen” fesatival and so on.

Jamshid also soloist of chamber orchestra “Soloist of Uzbekistan”.